There are five reasons that Middle East Market choose TFICo as their default supplier of Steel Blades, Machine Knives, press Brake Tools and Bandsaw Blades

In this session we will focus on these “Whys”. Since 1965 TFICo has served the Market with Machine Knives and Steel Blades and in past 38 years the Research and development has recorded the reasons of these decisions which customer makes over and over again to go for TFI Company.

“All in one Solution” for steel blades

Customers look for reliable “one stand” supplier who have the specialized capabilities of supporting the production lines with durable industrial machine knives which will guarantee the extra hours of functioning blades per day on machineries which will lead to accumulation of these savings and ultimately cause pride of producion managers

Price Competence

The other Reason for Selecting TFICo over European Competitor is the Competence over price TFI Co has in the tense competetion in the current market. TFICo. By having access to Manufacturing facilities in Loshan City having access to the best price guaranteed shipping lines to the world’s most emerging markets.

Save Time Save Money

The most precious parameters of all projects is time. Market saves dozens milions of Dollars in their projects by using TFICo. Products to cut down their machines’ down time with our blades, knives, press brake tools and bandsaw blades.